Web Design

MaCons web development solutions are best suited to organizations small, medium, and large. Since our inception, we have rapidly transformed ourselves into a formidable web development company with a specialization in small business web site development,e-commerce web site development, shopping cart solutions, Flash application development including audio streaming, video streaming, data driven website development, web application development, customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), attendance system development, and more need-based solutions.

  • Coding and scriptingDuring the web site development phase the graphical screen designs are translated through web programming languages such as PHP, Java, .Net and additional scripting languages such as JavaScript, Dynamic HTML into the actual web pages that can be displayed by a browser. Programmers will integrate the functionality and interactive elements and connect the pages, the user sees later on his monitor, to the “back-end”. The back-end is the server technology, the databases, CRM thus all hardware and software that is engaged and participating in the exchange of data between the user and the web site servers.
  • TemplatesDepending on the method used, templates are produced for all the modules and their sub pages. Templates make sure that the data is displayed with a consistent lay out. All the different templates are sorted to the specific functionality of the pages.
  • CMSWhen a Content Management System is used, the functionality is customized and modules added to cover your and the users specific needs.
  • Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)The style sheet (CSS) is constructed during the web development phase. The style sheet formats the lay-out of the web pages and tells the browser how to display the color and size of the letters, the spacing between the words, the margins and the padding size of table cells. Borders and all background images and header background colors or images are specified in the CSS style sheet.